Where Science and Nature Meet.

Where Science and Nature Meet.

We are committed to helping people sleep, dream and live better lives. Our focus is on the circadian rhythm, which is our 24-hour biological cycle that is governed by a master clock in our brain. These daily cycles carry out essential functions, like making sure we eat, sleep and wake up. But the demands of the modern world disrupt this rhythm, resulting in chronic issues surrounding lack of sleep, focus, fatigue and libido, just to name a few. We believe the key to holistic wellness for the mind, body, spirit and soul is a realignment of the circadian rhythm. 

That’s why our functional mushroom products are designed to do exactly that.

Our Flagship Product

Through the proprietary extraction process brought to us by our partners, our products are unmatched when it comes to unlocking the limitless health benefits of mushrooms that have been around for eons. 

Product Spotlight


Launching in 2022.

Eons for Sleep is our first product to market and is dedicated to helping people sleep better, dream bigger and live healthier lives. While the delivery system is new, the efficacy of mushrooms as medicine is thousands of years old. 

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Other Products coming soon:

  • Eons for Energy

  • Eons for Pain

  • Eons for Life

Feel the Difference Quicksome Makes

We are leaders in the innovative functional mushroom space, offering alternative solutions to meet everyone’s needs. We are committed to amplifying the natural effectiveness of our mushroom products in order to promote health and wellness. That’s why we’ve incorporated Quicksome™, a cutting-edge solubilizing technology that creates a substance that is more easily absorbed by the body. Quicksome™ products offer a more robust delivery system in that they can be administered more precisely, require lower doses, dissolve more rapidly, and minimize side effects.

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