About Circadian Wellness

A Functional Mushrooms Company

Established in 2020, Circadian Wellness is a group of mindfully cultivated experts who have come together to change the world by harnessing the unrivalled potential of mushrooms to safely and sustainably bring health and wellness to people worldwide. 

Amplified by cutting-edge technology, Circadian Wellness creates products that not only support wellness, but create lasting change in the body’s regulatory processes, empowering our own natural mechanisms. Circadian Wellness is dedicated to bringing natural remedies to help people: 

  • Sleep better

  • Think more clearly

  • Have more energy

  • Experience Less Pain

It’s time to get better sleep, have bigger dreams, feel less pain and live a healthier life. We are Circadian Wellness, where Science meets Spirit. 

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The Circadian Wellness Team.

We are a team of dedicated innovators, who believe in elevating life through natural wellness. Circadian Wellness is led by a team of fierce entrepreneurs with expertise in biological sciences, research and development, extraction, health promotion, wellness, communications and natural healing. Our diverse leadership team makes Circadian Wellness a globally renowned and visionary company, committed to helping people live their best lives.


Monica Gomez
Leadership Team
Alex Wolfe
Leadership Team
Peter Tuovi
Leadership Team
Ajan Thiru
Leadership Team
Dr. Sanjeev Goel, MD, FCFP (PC) CAFCI
Leadership Team
David Evans
Leadership Team
Anthony CK Thomas
Leadership Team



Brad Rogers
Advisory Board
Giovanni Bartolomeo
Advisory Board
Ian Bertrand
Advisory Board
Paul Rowan
Advisory Board
Geoffrey Smith
Advisory Board
Marcee Ruby
Advisory Board

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